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January 23, 2010

The Fall of the Family: The Chanting of the Children

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By James Robison

Finally, the family is in trouble because the children are chanting. The children are chanting on the streets, but in a ven more universal way are chanting with their lifestyle. Youth are screaming for attention- from the music they listen to down to the way out clothes they wear.

While many parents seek to give their children the “things we never had” the “thing” children of the “now generation” long for is pure love. That’s the one thing most of them never had.

There is a trend in America to abolish all moral absolutes. When moral absolutes are abolished, we can wave good-bye to the family. Children must be taught a solid distinct moral code of right and wrong. Although many fundamentalist groups are sharply criticized for having a list of no-no’s that prohibit certain forms of music,movies, hairstyles,etc.; it might be said that it is far better to label a “right” as “wrong” than to label a “wrong” as “right” as is being done in American society today.

As long as the men melt, the women wander, and the children chant, the very fiber of the family will cotinue to degenerate. The future of the family is the future of our society, and we must make the strengthening of the family our formost priority. The hope for the family does not lie in “how-to” books, seminars, or psychological counseling. Family life in America is being dangled over the very depths of destruction by the thinnest of threads, and will be saved only as each individual member of each individual family lets the very God who planned, prepared, produced, and preserved the family be the God of their role in the family. God help us keep the family!

Robison, James. “The Fall of the Family.” Life’s Answer October 1977: 1-2.

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