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January 9, 2010

The Fall of the Family: Melting of the Men

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by James Robison

For one thing, men are no longer the “head of the house.” The so-called “women’s liberation movement” is not the cause, but rather the result of men melting away from their God-given responsibility as the “king of their castle.”

Ephesians 5:25 explicitly states that a husband is to love his wife in the same manner as Christ himself for her. The modern American male either has no earthly idea of the way in which Christ loved His Church, or else is totally disobedient to the word of God. Jesus did not come to earth to be waited on hand and foot, but rather to demonstrate the fine art of waiting on others hand and foot (Mark 10:45). And while it is true that many in the New Testament did serve Jesus, it was always in response to His initiating love.

A husband must put his wife before his work, his hunting trips, his “important meetings,” his tinkering with the car, or even before the abundance of church activities that he may be engaging in. Serving the church is no virtue if one is not first and foremost serving his wife. The idea that one “bust a gut for God, (pardon the expression) and He’ll take care of my wife” is neither Biblical nor sane.

Men are also melting from a responsibility as fathers. The faithless fathers of America were meant to be spiritual leaders- both in the home and in the church. And if one wonders why women are now being ordained as deacons and even preachers in conservative churches, the answer is that the “prayerless Papa’s” of America have cowered in the corner and have offered no Godly leadership in the home or in the church. When leadership in the church is in the hands of women, you can bet your copy of Ms. Magazine that at home the only time “he” puts his foot down is when “she” says “he” can.

Many of these fearless fathers whose blood boils when they remember the day prayer was outlawed in school are cold-blooded against instituting prayer at home. Yet, nowhere in God’s Word has the responsibility of teaching our children things of God been delegated to the goverment or our public schools. But there is a crystal clear Biblical direction that God does intend for parents to “train up a child in the way he should go” at home.
Robison, James. “The Fall of the Family.” Life’s Answer October 1977: 1-2.

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