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January 23, 2010

The Fall of the Family: The Chanting of the Children

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By James Robison

Finally, the family is in trouble because the children are chanting. The children are chanting on the streets, but in a ven more universal way are chanting with their lifestyle. Youth are screaming for attention- from the music they listen to down to the way out clothes they wear.

While many parents seek to give their children the “things we never had” the “thing” children of the “now generation” long for is pure love. That’s the one thing most of them never had.

There is a trend in America to abolish all moral absolutes. When moral absolutes are abolished, we can wave good-bye to the family. Children must be taught a solid distinct moral code of right and wrong. Although many fundamentalist groups are sharply criticized for having a list of no-no’s that prohibit certain forms of music,movies, hairstyles,etc.; it might be said that it is far better to label a “right” as “wrong” than to label a “wrong” as “right” as is being done in American society today.

As long as the men melt, the women wander, and the children chant, the very fiber of the family will cotinue to degenerate. The future of the family is the future of our society, and we must make the strengthening of the family our formost priority. The hope for the family does not lie in “how-to” books, seminars, or psychological counseling. Family life in America is being dangled over the very depths of destruction by the thinnest of threads, and will be saved only as each individual member of each individual family lets the very God who planned, prepared, produced, and preserved the family be the God of their role in the family. God help us keep the family!

Robison, James. “The Fall of the Family.” Life’s Answer October 1977: 1-2.

January 9, 2010

The Fall of the Family: Melting of the Men

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by James Robison

For one thing, men are no longer the “head of the house.” The so-called “women’s liberation movement” is not the cause, but rather the result of men melting away from their God-given responsibility as the “king of their castle.”

Ephesians 5:25 explicitly states that a husband is to love his wife in the same manner as Christ himself for her. The modern American male either has no earthly idea of the way in which Christ loved His Church, or else is totally disobedient to the word of God. Jesus did not come to earth to be waited on hand and foot, but rather to demonstrate the fine art of waiting on others hand and foot (Mark 10:45). And while it is true that many in the New Testament did serve Jesus, it was always in response to His initiating love.

A husband must put his wife before his work, his hunting trips, his “important meetings,” his tinkering with the car, or even before the abundance of church activities that he may be engaging in. Serving the church is no virtue if one is not first and foremost serving his wife. The idea that one “bust a gut for God, (pardon the expression) and He’ll take care of my wife” is neither Biblical nor sane.

Men are also melting from a responsibility as fathers. The faithless fathers of America were meant to be spiritual leaders- both in the home and in the church. And if one wonders why women are now being ordained as deacons and even preachers in conservative churches, the answer is that the “prayerless Papa’s” of America have cowered in the corner and have offered no Godly leadership in the home or in the church. When leadership in the church is in the hands of women, you can bet your copy of Ms. Magazine that at home the only time “he” puts his foot down is when “she” says “he” can.

Many of these fearless fathers whose blood boils when they remember the day prayer was outlawed in school are cold-blooded against instituting prayer at home. Yet, nowhere in God’s Word has the responsibility of teaching our children things of God been delegated to the goverment or our public schools. But there is a crystal clear Biblical direction that God does intend for parents to “train up a child in the way he should go” at home.
Robison, James. “The Fall of the Family.” Life’s Answer October 1977: 1-2.

January 2, 2010

The Fall of the Family: Introduction

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by James Robison

The family is the very foundation of any society. Historically, when the family fails the society fails. The great Roman Empire was not toppled by invading armies, but was destroyed from within by the decay of the family. Gibbon’s classic, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” lists the “rapid increase in divorce in the home” and “undermining the sancity and dignity of the home” as 2 major reasons for the collapse of the Roman Empire. If the forces of darkness can destroy the family, they will have destroyed the very foundation on which any sane civilization sits.

If the above is true, them America is in serious trouble. The divorce rate is rapidly approaching the 50% mark in America (1 million couples were divorced last year), and the practice of living together without being married has increased 5 fold among persons under 45 in the past 6 years alone. Dr. Frederick Humphrey, President of America Ass’n of Marriage and Family Counselors, says that one half of the cases counselors deal with involve adultry. The Portland, Oregon, Housing Authority now allows unmarried couples to apply for subsidized housing. And a recent survey by Redbook Magazine revealed that 9 out of 10 women surveyed indicated they had had premartial sexual relationships.

The family structure is not the result of man’s wisdom, but is a God-designed institution through which life is to exist. God’s first human creations, Adam and Eve, were put together as a family. Even the very son of God, Jesus, was born into the context of a family. And as Gos inspired the writing of His word, he chose the family structure as an illustration of the relationship between Christ and His Church. Why then, is the family failing to stand firm against the threatening alternatives?

Robison, James. “The Fall of the Family.” Life’s Answer October 1977: 1-2.

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