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September 10, 2008

Prudence becomes Perverted

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by Carl V. Bibeau

How far have we already come down the wrong road? I would say at least 35 years. There is no room left to barter for more time. Our own prelates have rightly convicted all of us in the complicity of allowing abortion-on-demand to continue unabated. Now, once again, another opportunity to choose good rather than evil is upon us in this election year. But rather than challenging good people to seek out the good candidate, some of the same “leaders” are saying we have no choice but to limit evil, by choosing the lesser evil, rather than seek out the good. They say it is “impossible” for anyone other than a Republican or Democrat to be elected President. Therefore, they conspire to allegedly “help” The Faithful to choose the lesser evil by providing them with a voter’s guide that compares the “choices,” while portraying only two candidates as available. By doing so, they are complicit in supplying advertising spin verbatim, which has been compiled by partisan hacks. Even though evidence is ample that the “lesser evil” abides with an evil considered non-negotiable by Christians, they allow this candidate to present himself with a Culture of Life label. They say that the time to have started promoting a good candidate has long passed. We would have to start now to prepare for the next opportunity. The complicit grant themselves another extension. A culture, used to avoiding the consequences of their actions, think they are righteous and “prudent” in seeking this “extension.”

Just as we could never be justified for Salvation on our own merit, we deserve no such extension. We deserve to be judged as a nation for our complicity in abortion-on-demand. We actually deserve the candidate who is the greater evil. But, our so-called moral “leaders” are trying to coerce The Faithful into supporting the lesser evil, by guilt-ing them. The perverse logic claims that if the greater evil comes to power, The Faithful who voted for the good will be partly to blame. Since when is Prudence a slut? Since now, apparently.

Much like an accused murderer, who knows he’s guilty, chooses to employ every measure available to him to delay, or even avoid, the deserved consequences, the souls who buy into the escape offered by these leaders, seek to deny responsibility. They lie to themselves. They are seduced by their defense counsel into playing the system, instead of facing the music for their actions.

Just as Christ gave those who choose him freely, payment for their debt of sin, God gives us a truly righteous alternative in a candidate for this election. We are given one last chance, if we indeed have any faith left. Whether or not a vote for this candidate becomes a “protest vote” is entirely dependent on how many still have faith. It’s true. If enough of The Faithful decide to select the lesser evil, and only a portion select the good, we will have the judgment (which we deserve) of the greater evil upon us. But if there is enough faith, The Faithful can bring about the election of the good. It’s quite poetic.

Thou wouldst save us, if we choose the good. Thy Will be done!

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  1. Thanks for appreciating the thought process enough to post it, Elizabeth. I see that we differ in the Third Party candidate each of us would like to see elected to the Presidency though. I believe we need Alan Keyes. He integrates the principles of Creator God into everything he does as a Statesman. He has the intellect and the foreign policy accumen that this Republic desparately needs.What provoked me to write this piece, was the suspension of my account on a Christian forum. Even though I made the effort not to directly name candidates or political parties, they took exception to my post as risking the wrath of a 501(c)3 violation.I guess I was still in the stealth mode, as I neglected to explicitly name Alan Keyes as the righteous alternative to Obama or McCain. I’m taking this opportunity to remedy that omission. 🙂

    Comment by groovsmyth — September 10, 2008 @ 11:46 PM | Reply

  2. It’s a radio interview. Long but worth the listen. Paste in a browser: http://www.aipnews.com/media/2008_09_07gregg_jackson.mp3

    Comment by groovsmyth — September 16, 2008 @ 10:30 PM | Reply

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